DexLabs($DEXL)Airdrop Announcement!

The concept of airdrop in cryptocurrency is straightforward. Dexlab will drop small amounts of free tokens to people’s wallets. People can apply for the airdrop directly from Dexlab’s website. The registration process is so simple, and there are no tedious steps as in specific tokens.

The Dexlab’s airdrop is genuine, and the allocation is done haphazardly without any reservations. This makes Dexlab’s airdrop one of the fairest airdrops in the market. With airdrop, people or the Dexlab community members can get early access to the $DEXL tokens, which will be of greater significance. Airdrops are nothing but the first phase of a more extensive marketing campaign. The airdrop helps create an initial buzz around the project. This airdrop is an excellent way for Dexlab to build a community around its project, even if not holding an ICO.

Dexlab’s uses its airdrop to create awareness and spread its goals and vision on the mass adoption of DeFi protocols. With a dedicated column on the website and social media channels of Dexlab’s people can track airdrops. These aggregation sources make it easy for people to participate in airdrop and benefit a lot from it.

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