Introduction to Dexlabs($DEXL)!

Getting started with DeFi is the biggest challenge for beginners in the industry. There is a need for a platform that allows people to make DeFi more secure, more intuitive, and more predictable. If that is the case, people can really make wonders with DeFi protocols compared to the traditional stock markets, where the returns are limited, unmindful of how huge the investment is. Dexlabs is the platform you are looking for that offers various insight tools including but not limited to crypto fintech news, ICo listings, and DEX launchpads to give a better DeFi experience for people. The products offered by Dexlabs provide enhanced decision-making by letting the users know every possible detail about a DeFi project.

About Dexlabs

Dexlabs is designed with the ultimate aim of helping the DeFi community with the proper provision of a wide variety of products under a Platform. Whether it can be staking, crypto news, DEX launching, ICO listings, or vesting, Dexlabs becomes the one go-to place for all your needs.

Dexlabs helps DeFi projects to launch take their platforms to a wide range of crypto enthusiastic communities across the world through its DEX launchpad. Also, Dexlab’s vesting platforms allow the DeFi platforms to lock their tokens to prove their commitment to the community. This creates a balanced and genuine relationship between the platform and the users.

The investors and traders can get to know every single update on the cryptocurrency and DeFi space through Dexlab’s fintech news platform. In addition to this, the users can get to the list of ICOs and become part of game-changing projects in the near future.

Dexlab’s Supported Blockchain!

A trusted platform to launch your tokens

Dexlab provides a way through which new crypto projects can raise capital from a platform that is already used by most of the crypto world. As the renowned DeFi platform, Dexlabs already has access to crypto holders and investors, who are likely to be interested in gaining early access to high-quality token sales.

Protections for both users and projects

Dexlabs takes care of its crypto users with top-notch security, and this extends to token sales. By using DEX Launchpad, DeFi projects don’t have to worry about creating their own fundraising platform and risk being a target for attacks from bad actors. Meanwhile, investors don’t have to worry about taking out their funds from the DEX launchpad, which is where they are mainly using their crypto assets anyway, and risking unnecessary losses.

Products of Dexlab

• Fintech crypto news

• ICO listings

• Staking platform

• DEX Launchpad

• Team vesting

• Venture vesting

• Community vesting

• Network bridging

• Token bulk sender

Earn better return rates with Dexlabs staking!

By staking in Dexlabs, traders can diversify their income stream and monetize their idle funds. Keeping your crypto assets idle in your wallets is not a wise use of them. Instead, stake them at Dexlabs for a better APY than what traditional financial bodies like banks offer.

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